After three years of touring, writing and learning Mitch Laddie Band are back with their Fourth  studio album, "another world" 


Following the critical and commercial success of their Previous albums, "Burning Bridges" and "Let You Go," the group have spent the intervening time polishing and maturing. Exercising once again full creative control, Mitch Rhian and Matt have distilled their tight, volcanic musicianship into a potent and soulful funk.


With "Another world" MLB Deliver a no nonsense Blues/rock album, with hints to the influences and tones within their last record but bringing the volcanic guitar work and driving rhythms to the forefront . 


The theme of emancipation-of the galvanising freedom of leaving behind the things that drag you down-is once again present, with the record exploring roots and self-awareness with unrelenting honesty. 


The contrast of talent and youth has always taken newcomers to the Mitch Laddie Band by surprise and the newest effort once again warps expectations of what a three-piece band producing their own record can be capable of. 

Fans of the band, lauded across the UK and Europe, will already be aware of the searing yet infectious groove of Mitch, Matt and Rhian. Even they will be astounded by the progress made across every area of the album. Vocally, Mitch continues to develop range and tone, dragging chins up and down with Michael Jackson worthy melodic hooks and paul rodgers like blue-eyed-soul when it's time to get gritty. A guitar tone at times dripping with fuzz and grizzle transcends to scintillating, sharp clarity from track to track.


"Another World" is a strong compendium of material that deserves attention.





"Let You Go" is the Mitch Laddie Band with all constraints removed. Matt Connor and Rhian Wilkinson unleash atomic precision and relentless groove, creating a pinball machine for the electric Mitch Laddie to bounce around inside. This is the story of ambitious young people confronting the past and dancing in its face.  


Marked for greatness from an early age by Blues behemoth Walter Trout, Mitch Laddie has been honing his virtuoso guitar playing on the big stage since being signed to Provogue Records at 17.


He has released five albums to critical acclaim, and is known throughout the european scene as a volcanic guitar genius with musical subtleties and a maturity far beyond his years, cemented when follow-up album  'Burning Bridges'” was voted 'Best Blues Album of 2012' by Blues & Soul Magazine.


The band had the pleasure of being invited to be a part of "BluesFest" at the Royal Albert Hall, London in 2014, having their set recorded by the BBC and tracks played on Paul Jones' BBC Radio 2 show, with Paul Jones describing Mitch as "the real deal." 









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