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*Limited Edition run of 50*


"This album started with an idea - to make a record on my own with a completely different direction. All the instruments (minus some great guests), all of the production, mixing and mastering.  I wanted to make something that was inspired and influenced by the classic records and artists I grew up loving. The 70s and 80s. When records were about going out, dancing and having a blast.  The Quincy Jones era of gold, Prince, Stevie Wonder, The Jacksons...but fuse it with all of the contemporary artists I love now: Frank Ocean, Dabeull, Nao, D’Angelo...with a sprinkle of the 80s soundtracks I adore. I wanted to hit on a vibe I haven’t recorded before, moving away from the Blues/Rock scene I was born into and show people what I’m really about.  What came out was something bigger than I ever could have hoped for and this is a project I can say I’m truly proud of. It’s me. It’s an album that flirts with sexuality and morality, as well as accepting that life’s too short. It’s been an amazing learning curve, both on a creative and technical level. It has taken a lot of time and patience which has been truly humbling. 


This isn’t an overtly political album, but it is an album that is culmination of watching the world go on around me for 30 years. Feeling helpless at the plight of humanity during a lockdown with creating music the only escape from the chaos. Music is such a powerful tool and this album is about coming together to be better, to live and feel. Not just for ourselves but for us - a collective. Not living in the realities and illusions we create as our coping mechanisms, whilst battling the distractions of lust, money and greed. Facing the issues and growing - together."

Mitch Laddie - "Wave of Illusion" CD

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